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Your smile matters to us at EnterpriseDental Care

Your Dental Checkup - Nothing Routine About Regular Checkups

Bowie and Mitchellville Area Dentist Gives More Than a Routine Checkup


Dr Granger and his team know the value of a regular dental checkup is to detect dental issues as soon as possible. It’s the most affordable and simplest way to ensure the health of your teeth.

Main Reasons to Maintain Routine Dental Care

Each individual is different but most patients are asked to come in for a regular dental checkup twice a year. Here is what to expect: 

  • We will remove plaque and tartar - the main culprits for cavities.
  • We will examine for any evidence of gum disease. Healthy gums are ultimately necessary to hold your teeth in place
  • We will take routine X-rays at regular intervals to detect unseen cavities, gum disease, bone loss, cysts, and abcesses
  • We will provide oral cancer screening which if caught early improves your chances of a successful outcome

Routine dental checkups can mean less dental work and more money in your pocket.

Routine Checkups Are Preventative

If we discover a cavity, we will arrange for a dental filling to be done as soon as possible. We want to prevent the decay from reaching the dentin because this can lead to more significant issues. These include:

  • Loss of tooth structure. This condition might require a crown, which is significantly more costly and time consuming than a filling; 
  • An abscessed tooth or infection below the gumline. Options include either a root canal or a tooth extraction; 
  • An extracted tooth can lead to an implant or denture to replace the missing teeth

These procedures can be costly and time consuming. Routine dental checkups are designed to be preventative, to keep you in good health and save you money. 


So, if you are considering skipping your routine dental checkup please don’t. And if you haven’t had a dental checkup in a while because you are afraid, anxious or too much time has lapsed, we won’t judge you. We practice compassionate, relaxing dentistry because our people care - from the front desk to our hygienists to Dr. Kevin Granger. Take control of your dental health and make an appointment (link) today.