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What is the Difference Between String Floss, Floss Picks and Water Flossers

Your dentist in the Bowie-Mitchellville area knows the importance of flossing. But what floss will give you the best result? There are three types of floss: string floss, floss picks and water flossers. We’ll explain some of the pros and cons of each and you can decide what might work best for you. 

String Floss is typically what we use in our practice when you come in for a hygiene visit. It works great to remove food particles from between your teeth and gums. Flossing limits bacteria growth which can lead to cavities, tooth decay and gum disease. Also, String Floss can get up close to the gum because you can shape it around your tooth like a C. 

If you have braces or arthritis String Floss may not be for you because it might be hard to use. String Floss can cause sensitivity or gum recession if used too aggressively. 

Floss Picks have limitations as they work only in a straight line. They are easier to use than string floss but don’t allow you to curve the floss around the tooth to clean along the gum line. Floss Picks are certainly better than not flossing at all but we like String Floss more.  

Water Flossers are considered by some experts to be the best way to floss. They are very effective at removing food particles between the teeth. A Water Flosser is more expensive than String Floss or Floss Picks and not travel-friendly because of the space it takes up. 

Choose your floss wisely. Flossing is important because it reaches the two sides of your teeth that your toothbrush cannot. That is about 40% of the tooth cleaning process. Flossing removes those annoying bits of food that get stuck between your teeth, it also removes sticky plaque too. 

Unfortunately, only about 12% of Americans floss each day according to the American Dental Association. We encourage you to make a habit of flossing your teeth every day. 

If you haven’t had a hygiene visit in the past year we encourage you to make an appointment. Call 301-249-3333 or make an online appointment.