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Your smile matters to us at EnterpriseDental Care

Teeth Cleaning

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Preventing Problems Before They Start - Dental Cleaning

Regular 6 month teeth cleaning combined with routine brushing and flossing at home insures excellent oral health. 

A dental cleaning with Enterprise Dental Care helps you: 

  • Prevent tooth decay, gum disease, and bad breath
  • Save money by avoiding costly and extensive dental procedures
  • Keep your teeth white by reducing staining from food and drinks
  • Shorten the time spent in your dentist's office
  • Have a smile that will last a lifetime

Our dental hygienist starts your teeth cleaning with an oral exam. They look for inflammation, levels of plaque and tartar and oral health issues. 

Tartar and Plaque Removal

Our hygienist removes plaque and tartar around the gum line and between your teeth. Tartar is built up plaque that has hardened. If tartar is not removed it can lead to receding gums and gum disease. Plaque on the other hand, has bacteria that can damage tooth enamel and lead to cavities. 

You can see why the American Dental Association recommends you visit your dentist every six months to ensure your teeth stay healthy and your smile stays beautiful. 

Dr. Granger Will Examine Your Teeth and Gums

Dr. Granger will thoroughly examine your teeth and gums for signs of tooth decay, gum disease, and other health problems. X-rays are recommended at regular inteervals. With Digital X-rays, Dr. Granger can discover any dental issues below the teeth and gum.

A Major Benefit of Regular Teeth Cleaning

Our dental hygienists always perform a periodontal exam to make sure your gums adhere tightly to your teeth, and insure no periodontal disease or bone loss is occurring. 

Cleanings usually aren't painful, but if you have any anxiety about your dental exam, be sure to let our hygienist know - we are here to help you.  If Dr. Granger or our hygienist finds tooth decay or gum disease, they will talk to you about changing your brushing or flossing habits. In severe cases, Dr. Granger may recommend antibiotics or other dental treatments. 

If you're in need of the service listed above, call Dr. Kevin Granger at (301) 249-3333 or book your appointment online today!