Your smile matters to us at EnterpriseDental Care
Your smile matters to us at EnterpriseDental Care

Memorial Day - Your Teeth Never Go On Vacation

It’s Memorial Day weekend and the unofficial start of summer!  What a great time of year! The kids will soon be out of school and there are all sorts of family celebrations, graduations and vacations coming up!

Post Summer Fun Photos

Summer is meant to be enjoyed. We encourage our Enterprise Dental patients to post photos of their summer fun on our Facebook page. 

Summer is also an opportunity to address your children’s teeth because they’re out of school making them more available for dental cleanings and checkups. We find many of our adult patients arrange for their cleaning and checkups at this time of year too!  And if you haven’t had your teeth cleaned in over a year, please call us at 301-249-3333 or Contact Us.

Summer tips for teeth:

  • Avoid soda and coffee - they not only weaken the enamel of your teeth but stain them too
  • If you are on the go and can’t brush your teeth after eating rinse your mouth out with water. It’ll help temporarily. Then get a good brushing session in as soon as you can
  • Summer means more activity and greater possibility for dental accidents. Should you or someone you know have a tooth knocked out or broken click this link to learn what to do
  • Treat yourself! Get your Teeth Whitened this summer
  • Do you have a young person in the house interested in exploring dentistry? Check out Careers in Dentistry, to learn more.

We want everyone to have a fun and safe summer. Enjoy!   If you need to reach us just call 301-249-3333 or Contact Us.