Your smile matters to us at EnterpriseDental Care
Your smile matters to us at EnterpriseDental Care

Dental Cleaning

A comprehensive exam and cleaning is essential to your oral health. Regular six month visits to Dr. Kevin Granger ensure your teeth and gums will stay healthy; keep your smile beautiful; and lower your risk of heart disease and stroke. 

Why Get Your Teeth Cleaned?

Children and teens benefit because: 
  • We remove hardened plaque or tartar which can lead to cavities
  • We polish their teeth making it more difficult for future plaque to build up on smooth surfaces
  • We talk about diet, encouraging a reduction in soda and foods with lots of sugar because sugar is a breeding ground for bacteria which produces acids that break down tooth enamel and leads to tooth decay and cavities
  • We exam the health of teeth and gums - monitor for early bite problems - and generally manage oral health and overall health issue
  • We remind them about the right techniques to use for flossing and brushing
There are benefits to young adults over and above what we've described. Regular dental cleanings and oral exams help young adults: 
  • Maintain oral health - regular dental cleanings allows Dr. Granger to monitor the progression of your oral health - even screen for serious diseases like oral cancer
  • Save money - regular visits are encouraged by most insurance programs they are often discounted in part or in full because insurance companies know regular dental cleanings prevent major issues such as severe gum disease which could lead to costly dentures or implants
  • Improve your smile - regular teeth cleaning can, in some cases, help reduce stains from alcohol, coffee and tobacco
Adults over the age of 45 benefit from regular teeth cleanings because: 
  • Kids aren't the only ones who get cavities - we're keeping our teeth longer which makes them more susceptible to cavities
  • Pain sensitivity varies by age - what might feel painful to a 45 year old may feel normal to a 75 year old - regular dental cleanings take pain out of the equation
  • Regular dental exams can uncover underlying medical conditions - a head and neck exam can reveal cancerous and non-cancerous growths; blood disorders; and did you know that according to the American Cancer Society the average age of someone being diagnosed with mouth, throat or tongue cancer is sixty two?
  • Nutrition can suffer if you have dental issues - it's harder to eat nutritious fruits and vegetables if it's hard to chew

Learn More About The Value of Dental Cleanings

The hygienists and dentists at Enterprise Dental Care truly enjoy their work and want to get know you. Your relationship with our dental team can benefit you in so many ways. We look forward to your next dental cleaning visit in Mitchellville, Maryland!  Call 301-249-3333 or Contact Us to make arrangements for your visit.