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Your smile matters to us at EnterpriseDental Care

3 Reasons For Dental Implants

The three common reasons for a dental implant in the Bowie and Mitchellville Maryland communities revolve around these questions:

  • Have you lost a tooth?
  • Do you wear dentures?
  • Are you considering a dental bridge? 

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Dr. Kevin Granger of Enterprise Dental Care offers dental implants in Mitchellville, MD has a permanent solution to these three dental issues. 

Why Replace Lost Tooth with a Dental Implant

The empty space or spaces left in the mouth after losing teeth risks the stability of the surrounding teeth. When you lose a tooth the nearby teeth want to tilt toward the empty space or spaces. They will loosen and fall out over time. 

A newly installed dental implant will support the nearby teeth stabilizing the surrounding teeth, And, unlike the dental bridge solution adjacent teeth won’t have to be ground down to anchor the dental bridge. 

Another issue with a lost tooth is the gap does not get the benefit of chewing stimulation. Chewing stimulates jawbone health. Dental implants encourage jawbone growth because it fuses with your jaw and acts much like a natural tooth root. 

Dentures or Dental Implants

We prefer dental implants to dentures because dentures put pressure on the gums during chewing, which reduces blood supply to the jawbone and increases bone loss. Over time the jawbone degenerates and it becomes harder to refit dentures. Chewing with pain becomes an issue for patients with a significant loss of jawbone tissue. 

Also, dentures can slip or affect your speech. Dental implants require no adhesiives or maintenance. Your dental implant is secure and will not affect your ability to talk or eat. Dental implants are a long term solution that can last decades.

Dental Implants or a Dental Bridge 

A bridge is an artificial tooth anchored by crowns on healthy adjacent teeth. The process requires the removal of healthy enamel from the supporting teeth. You can’t replace enamel once it is removed.

Dental implants are better than bridges because they are anchored in your jaw. In addition, the enamel on adjacent teeth is not removed. The end result is healthier teeth and gums for the long term. 

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Metal dental implants were invented in 1965. Technology continues to advance with millions of implants placed in the United States and Canada. Placing implants has become mainstream and a common practice for offices like ours. If you wear dentures, lost a tooth or are considering a dental bridge please talk with our caring, compassionate team to see if dental implants are right for you..   

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