Your smile matters to us at EnterpriseDental Care
Your smile matters to us at EnterpriseDental Care

What to Expect at Your Next Dental Appointment

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed a lot of things about our day-to-day lives, including dental appointments. Your health and safety are as important to us as they are to you. Every concern you've had, we've had too. As your dentists, we have reviewed all of the expert guidance and research to make sure we're taking every measure to keep patients and staff safe. Here's what you can expect in our office:

Before Your Appointment

To make sure patients are healthy, our team may call you to ask you some health-related questions before your scheduled visit.

To limit the number of patients in the waiting room, you may be asked to wait outside the office or in your car until the team is ready for you.

You may be asked to limit the number of people you bring with you or allow older children to go into the office without a parent.

Some additional cleaning and sanitation measures will be done after each patient leaves to prepare the space for you.

At Your Appointment

Many cities and states are asking people to wear face masks in public. You'll be asked to wear one to your appointment as well.

The dental team will take your temperature and may repeat the health questions asked before your appointment.

High-touch items like toys or magazines may be removed from the waiting room.

The dental team may wear additional protective equipment, including face masks, plastic face shields, goggles and surgical gowns.

After Your Appointment

If you start to experience symptoms of COVID-19 within 2 days of your appointment, call to alert the office staff so those who came into contact with you may be tested for the disease.

Schedule your next appointment on your way out. Your oral health is connected to your overall health, so one of the many ways you can stay healthy during these times is to keep up with regular dental care. We are here for you.